School Policies

Sonshine School Operational Policies


Abuse or Neglect

To report abuse or neglect, please call 1-800-252-5400 or visit . A&M Church of Christ requires each staff member to receive 2 hours of child abuse training through the Youth and Child Protection Ministry. Additionally, the state of Texas requires each staff member to have another 2 hours of training in Preventing and Responding to Abuse and Neglect in Children. This training includes methods for increasing employee and parent awareness of issues regarding child abuse and neglect,  including warning signs that a child may be a victim of abuse and neglect. The training also provides strategies for coordination between the center and appropriate community organizations and actions that the parent of a child who is a victim of abuse or neglect should take to obtain assistance and intervention.

Alerts and Changes

If there is a health or safety alert, we will send a note home with your student, send an email, or give you a call.

If there is an amendment to any of our school policies, we will also send you a note and a copy of the changes and request a signature upon your receipt of the aforementioned notification of change(s).

Animals on Campus

Other than formally trained service animals, Sonshine School does not allow animals on campus at any time during operation.

Attendance & School Closings

No credits or discounts will be issued for absence due to illness, in-service days, inclement weather, school closings for safety of students or regularly scheduled holidays.  Your student may only attend Sonshine School on the days for which you have enrolled your student.  If your student is unable to attend on his/her enrolled days, no other days can be substituted for the days your student missed.  A&M Church of Christ is currently a Red Cross Shelter.  In the event of a natural disaster, evacuees may be housed in our facility; therefore, Sonshine School may be temporarily closed in order to ensure the safety of our students.


Your student’s birthday is  important to us.  Feel free to send a special treat or snack to celebrate his or her special day.  This treat will be shared with your student’s classmates at the end of lunch. Though we do not have time in our daily schedule to have a party for each student, we are happy to incorporate this small treat into the daily lunch portion of their day. If your student’s birthday falls on a day that is not a school day, please make arrangements with your student’s teacher to establish an agreeable date for celebrating his/her birthday at school.  Please refrain from handing out party invitations at school unless each student enrolled in the class is to receive one.  You may obtain a class roaster from the school office if you would like.


Students are encouraged to wear play clothes and closed toed tennis shoes. Shoes with wheels are prohibited. All young ladies are required to wear shorts or leggings (or something similar) under their dresses/ skirts in order to maintain their modesty while involved in active play and sitting on the floor. Daily schedules include active and messy learning; therefore, please dress your student appropriately for messy and active play. Sonshine School is not responsible for accessories that may be lost or broken during our school day such as hair bows, jewelry, etc.


 If, at any time, you have a concern, comment, complaint, or question, do not hesitate to contact the School.  You may schedule a meeting with the Director, send an email/write a letter or call.  The student’s best interest is at the heart of everything we do.  Please allow us to help resolve any matter which may cause you concern or grief.


Sonshine School utilizes Mother Goose Time curriculum. Mother Goose Time is a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with State standards and Head Start indicators. This curriculum provides opportunities for social, emotional, and cognitive growth that is tailored to the student’s age and development. Visit for more information.

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Plan 

A full Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Plan is available in the school office. The plan includes Fire evacuation information, Severe Weather Response Plan with specified designated interior space where children will seek shelter, alternate evacuation location in the event we must evacuate school property, information regarding lockdown procedures, and frequency of all emergency & disaster drills.

Enrollment Changes

Changes in enrollment must be made by submitting a completed “Change of Enrollment Form” located in the school office. There is a $25 fee to change your child’s enrollment after July 31st. This includes increases/decreases in days of attendance as well as increases/decreases in extended care programming.  Neither the Supply & Curriculum Fees nor Extended Care Fees are prorated when adding or reducing days of attendance.  Please see pages 20-21 for more information.

Expulsion and Suspension of Students

Sonshine School strives to work with our families to prevent the need to expel or suspend a student.  Unfortunately, there are times that such measures may need to be taken.  Below is a list of situations that may result in the suspension of a student as outlined in our Enrollment Agreement.

  • 3 biting incidents in a 30 day period
  • As part of a behavior modification plan to address repetitive aggressive behavior.
  • Late payment of monthly tuition.
  • Inadequate documentation of state required immunizations and health information.

Expulsion is extremely rare and would only result for the following reasons.

  • Refusal by the family to follow the school Enrollment Agreement.
  • Refusal by the family to work with the school to develop a behavior modification plan when the student is exhibiting repetitive aggressive behavior at school.

Extended Care

Extended Care does not have to match all days of enrollment, but it is only available on days the student is enrolled in school. Students enrolled in afternoon Extended Care have the option of enrolling in morning Extended Care as well. A student can only be enrolled in Morning Extended Care if they are enrolled in Afternoon Extended Care on the same day.


A snack will be offered to each student daily.  A snack menu is posted on the Parent Board in the Sonshine School Office.  Specific snack times can be found on individual class schedules posted inside the classroom.

Parents/guardians are required to provide lunch each day. Each student is encouraged to bring a healthy lunch. Do not send sugary drinks such as soda, kool-aid or sweet tea. In order to avoid choking, for students under the age of 4, we require that grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives and any other small round food be halved or quartered, hot dogs must be halved lengthwise. Popcorn, nuts/seeds, and hard/sticky candy are not allowed for students under the age of 4. Please refer to lunch requirements of each age group on page 5 of the registration application packet for specific information. Chewing gum is not allowed.  Please do NOT send any glass containers. If your student’s lunch requires utensils, please include these.  Please note that classrooms have no way to heat, refrigerate, or cut up food. 

Food Allergies

All students with medically documented food allergies must have an Emergency Action Plan signed by a physician on file in the school office. All staff are made aware of food allergies on campus, and postings regarding food allergies are placed in the classroom and in the school office.

Gang Free Zone

Sonshine School is required under the Texas Penal Code to inform you that any area within 1,000 feet of our school, or any other child-care center, is a Gang Free Zone, where criminal offenses related to organized criminal activity are subject to harsher penalty.

 Health of Your Child

  • Your student MUST be free of any signs of illness, such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. for at least 24 hours prior to coming back to school.
  • You will be notified if your student should become ill at school.  The student will be removed from the other children and will remain separated until you arrive.  If you will not be reachable, please make sure we have on file a name and phone number of someone that can come and pick up your student.  There is a place on your student’s classroom attendance log to write in an up-to-date phone number and any special instructions.
  • Please notify the school via email, phone, or by some other means if your student is out and/or sick.
  • Whenever your student visits the doctor for either an illness or a well-check, we require that you provide us with a note. If your student was seen as an ill patient, then the note from your student’s physician should state when your student may return to school.  If your student is seen for a well-check, please provide us with an updated immunization record (if applicable), and/or proof of good health and notice that your student may participate in an early education center.
  • If your student has a chronic condition that may otherwise look like a sickness or illness in which he or she would be subject to exclusion, please contact the Director.

Immunizations/Vision and Hearing Screening

All student records must remain in compliance with State of Texas requirements regarding student health and wellness. In the instance that you receive notification from the school that your student is not current on a specific immunization or other health requirement, you will need to provide proof in writing from your student’s physician that your student has an appointment to receive those updates. To remain enrolled, your student must complete the subsequent doses in each vaccine series on schedule as rapidly as is medically feasible and provide acceptable evidence of vaccination to the school. For more information, please feel free to consult your student’s physician or

Proof of Hearing and Vision screenings are required for students who are four years old or older by September 1st. More information concerning this requirement can be found at:

Current immunization records are required to be on file for every enrolled student. A $25 charge will be added to your account if immunizations records have not been received by the end of business on July 15th.  Applications received after July 15th must be complete (i.e. must include immunization records, Statement of Health from your student’s doctor, and all other forms completed), otherwise they will not be accepted.

Sonshine School encourages all staff members to maintain current vaccinations including, but not limited to, HepA (Hepatitis), Pertussis (Whooping Cough), and Influenza (Flu). More information on recommended adult vaccinations can be found at

 Inclement Weather

Sonshine School will follow the College Station ISD (CSISD) changes to their school calendar due to inclement weather.  If CSISD delays the start of school, has early release, or is closed due to inclement weather, Sonshine School will generally follow these changes.  These changes will be delivered to you in the form of email, Remind system, posted notices, and/or phone calls.

Insect Repellent

Due to the short time students are outside, Sonshine School does not routinely apply insect repellent to students.  If there is a medical need for a student to have insect repellent applied during the school day, a letter from a doctor documenting the need will be required, and the insect repellent will be treated as an over the counter medication.

Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency for a student or staff member, Sonshine School will first call 911, and then notify the parents and/or the emergency contact in the student or staff member’s file of the situation.


Sonshine School will administer prescribed medications only if the medication MUST be administered during the hours of operation of Sonshine School. Prescribed antibiotics will only be administered as long as it has been at least 24 hours after the first dose was given. Acceptable medications will be administered only on the written request of the parent or guardian of the student or from the student’s physician. Forms are available in the office and a new form MUST be completed, signed and dated for each prescription. Medications must be in the original container with the prescription label intact and left with a designated office administrator. We will NOT administer over-the-counter medications without Doctor’s orders. 

Nursing Mothers

Nursing Mothers are encouraged to be a part of their student’s life and are welcomed any time that they would  like to be on campus to nurse. A mother can nurse her baby as often as needed or desired at Sonshine School. The mother will be provided her own space in a mother’s room located next to the church nursery with several rockers/gliders in a relaxing and calming atmosphere.  We also are able to properly store and prepare breast milk for use in her baby’s bottle, cereal, etc.

Parent & Family Involvement

There are many opportunities for parent and family involvement throughout the school year. From special snacks, to teacher appreciation, and even helping with the annual Breakfast with Santa event, there is sure to be an area where you can help. Read your weekly school emails for information on upcoming needs and ways you can get involved.


All classes need a volunteer room parent to organize parties: FALL, CHRISTMAS, VALENTINES, and END-OF-SCHOOL.  All parties are at 1:00pm.  All students, even if they are NOT enrolled on a day that a party is scheduled, are welcome to attend with his/her parent(s) under his/her parent’s supervision from the start of the party at 1:00pm until the conclusion of the party.

We have a Fall Party in October. We ask that your student not bring/wear anything that relates to violence, destruction, or witchcraft.  If you have any questions concerning this policy, please feel free to contact the Director.

Pest Control

A&M Church of Christ has regular quarterly Pest Control treatments in which pesticides are applied inside and outside the building. A notification will be posted in the Sonshine School Office within 48 hours of treatment. Any further information may be obtained from the Director.


There is a $100 non refundable application fee for new students that is due at the time you turn in registration for your student.  Returning students have a $75 non refundable application fee.  We will not accept a student’s application without this fee.   This fee is due once a year at the time you submit your student’s application and must be paid by cash or check.  All application fees will be immediately deposited and the Registrar will contact you within 15 business days to inform you of your child’s enrollment status (if he /she has been placed in a class or on the waiting list).  The classrooms are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Each class is subject to a minimum enrollment to make.  Registration for the Fall is opened February 1st to students currently enrolled in Sonshine School, their siblings, and any students on the current year’s waiting list, February 15th to members of the A&M Church of Christ, and March 1st to the public.

Registration must be submitted to:

Sonshine School

A & M Church of Christ

2475 Earl Rudeer Freeway S.

College Station, TX 77845

(979) 693-8668

Questions regarding registration:

Rest Time (Afternoon Extended Care)

ALL students enrolled in Afternoon Extended Care must provide a nap mat according to the following criteria:

  • If my child is over 12 months of age
  • If my child is under 12 months of age and is already walking

Children that do not meet this criteria will be provided a crib for Rest Time.

Sonshine School recommends the two-toned nap mat by KinderMat. Sonshine School will clean, disinfect, sanitize,and store the nap mat if the recommended KinderMat is provided. If an alternate waterproof or washable mat is provided, it will be sent home daily for cleaning and maintenance. Failure to provide a nap mat will result in a phone call from the school requiring pickup of the student from Extended Care.

If your child’s KinderMat is damaged or worn in such a way that it is no longer waterproof (torn so the foam is exposed) you will be required to either replace the mat or take it home daily as the School can no longer sanitize it properly.

Safety Procedure for Arrival and Dismissal


Please do not arrive to your classroom any earlier than 9:00am. You are required to sign in your student(s) each day at the designated area.  Please make sure your child has just used the restroom or has a clean, dry diaper or pull-up and has freshly washed hands before leaving your student in his or her class.


Please pick up your child in the area designated by your teacher.  We ask you to gather your student’s belongings prior to picking up your student.  It is required that you sign your student out EVERY time you pick up your student.  You are required to pick up your student NO LATER than 1:30pm at the designated area (or NO LATER than 2:30pm if your child is enrolled in Extended Afternoon).  We charge a late fee of $1/minute for  EVERY minute past 1:30pm for our regular program. In our Extended Afternoon Care, we charge a late fee of $3/minute for every minute past 2:30pm you arrive to pick up your student. Pick up time is according to the clock in each room/area. If this fee is necessary, it will be billed to your account. A phone call/notification to the school stating that you are going to be late for any reason does not eliminate charges and responsibility of penalty fees accrued.

Students will NOT be permitted to leave the school with any person who is NOT listed on that student’s admission form, even IF we know this person.  Please make sure to keep the list of approved people for picking up your student updated. Each person picking up your student is subject to having his or her state driver’s license checked.  If someone comes to pick up your student that that we do not know and they DO NOT have a picture ID, we will be unable to release your student to them EVEN IF they are on your approved list.  Please contact the Director with any questions.

 School Hours

Sonshine School is a part-time, nine-month school year program.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 9:00am – 1:30pm

Extended Time (optional): 8:30am – 9:00pm, 1:30pm – 2:30pm

State Licensed Facility

As a state licensed preschool we must inform you where you may find a copy of the State Minimum Standards which serves as our guidelines in operation.  We have a copy for your convenience located in the Administrative Office.  In that office you will also find posted our most recent inspection by the state, as well as our annual fire inspection and sanitation inspection.  You may view our most recent state inspection and review the minimum standards at  You may contact our local licensing agency at 979-731-0118.


Due to the short time students are outside, Sonshine School does not routinely apply sunscreen to students.  Parents are encouraged to apply sunscreen to their students before dropping them off.  If there is a medical need for a student to have sunscreen applied during the school day, a letter from a doctor documenting the need will be required, and the sunscreen will be treated as an over the counter medication.

Toilet Training

All students three years old and older are typically potty trained.  If your child is not potty trained before August and he/she is three years old, please notify the Director so appropriate accommodations can be made.  If your student is potty training, he or she must wear pull-ups that have velcro side release. We will do our very best to help your student stay in a dry pull-up throughout the day.  Please provide 3 extra pull-ups in your student’s backpack.

You may send your 2 year and younger student in underpants when he/she has had at least TWO WEEKS of no accidents during his/her waking hours.

You may send your 3 year old in underpants when he/she has had at least ONE WEEK of no accidents during his/her waking hours.  If you have questions regarding this policy please contact the Director.


Please encourage your student to leave ALL TOYS at home, unless your student’s teacher requests for you to bring them. Your student’s personal toys from home could cause disruptions. The school provides adequate equipment for the students to be involved with during the day. There is an opportunity for each student, during the year, to bring prized possessions to share with his or her teacher and classmates when he or she is the Star Student. Your teacher will let you know when your student is designated to be the Star Student.


The Sonshine School staff is required to attend an Orientation for Sonshine School within 7 days of employment.  Each staff member is required to have 24 hours of Preservice Training within their first 3 months of employment, of which 8 hours are required prior to being responsible for any students.  Each staff member must also have 24 hours of early childhood education training annually.  The school director must have 30 hours of annual training in early childhood education and professional development.  Each staff member is CPR/1st Aid Certified.  Each staff member also receives annual training on the recognition and prevention of abuse and neglect.

Tuition and Payments

Tuition is based on our nine-month school year and then divided into nine equal monthly payments according to each program (2-day, 3-day, and 4-day). The monthly tuition for each program is constant although the number of school days in each program and each month may vary. Tuition is due the first day of each month.

ALL STUDENTS are required to participate in our Payment Processing Program: Automatic Payment via Bank Draft.  All tuition and fees charged in the school year (with the exception of the Application Fee) are drafted/charged on the 1st of each month.

There is a fee of $25.00 for Insufficient Funds.  If your account is found to be insufficient through our Payment Processing Software, Sonshine School will contact you to collect an alternative method of payment.  After the 3rd occurrence of Insufficient Funds, you will be required to make all payments in cash on the 1st of each month.  Tuition received after the 5th of the month is subject to a $25.00 late fee, and your student will NOT be able to attend until your account is current.

All accounts MUST be current in order to register for the following school year as well as to receive the end of year Portfolio that your student creates throughout the school year.  Delinquent accounts are subject to your student being dismissed from the program. Please see the Director for any special circumstances. Extended Care fees are in addition to your monthly tuition if you choose to utilize this program.  See page 13 of the registration application packet for further details.

 Volunteer Opportunities

Please check with your student’s teacher for room parent opportunities.  You may sign-up throughout the year to provide special and fun snacks for your student’s class that will be centered around a color, shape, or theme that is assigned for a specific date.

Many volunteer opportunities are available through our Parent & Family Involvement Program. For more information on how you can volunteer, please contact the school office.


Sonshine School requires a minimum 30 days written notice of plans to withdraw your child from the program. There are withdrawal notices located in the Sonshine School Office. Once you have completed this form and it is signed by the Registrar, your child will be eligible for withdrawal. There is a half-month tuition charge for withdrawal from the program.  See page 22 of the registration application packet for more information.